Not One More Movement

88 people are killed every day as a result of gun violence.
Americans are taking a stand and saying: Not One More.

Three words, "Not One More," a rallying cry by Richard Martinez, father of 20-year-old Christopher Michaels-Martinez who was shot and killed at UC Santa Barbara, inspired the one-of-a-kind bracelet we’ve developed to support Everytown for Gun Safety.
Colin was shot four times and survived the mass shooting at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.
Lucy McBath's son Jordan Davis was murdered with a gun in November 2012.
Tom's son Alex Sullivan was killed in the 2012 Aurora Movie theater shooting on his 27th birthday.
Stephanie's 14-year-old son Paul Sampleton was killed with a gun over a pair of sneakers in Atlanta, GA.

Stand With Us

With the purchase of this leather wrap bracelet stamped with the words “Not One More,” you support our commitment to end gun violence and build safer communities. The bracelet is handcrafted in Haiti by artisans. 50% of the net proceeds benefit Everytown for Gun Safety, an advocate for the passage of gun safety measures.


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Voices in action

Thank you to our partners Lise Evans, Julianne Moore, Michael Bloomberg and more.

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